Cathy Collison's site

 Welcome to my web site. I'm Cathy Collison, a freelance journalist and writer. After many years at the Detroit Free Press, I now pursue freelance projects from my home.
I also have strong roots in my family in the Midwest, so invite you to read my Midwest Girl blog, at left, and celebrate everything and anything through the seasons.
As editor and founder of the Free Press' program for young readers, Yak's Corner, I also continue to edit and write on topics of interest to families and children. I can present workshops for elementary school classrooms on writing and reading. 

BE A WRITER: Share with your students the tips from many authors I've interviewed and ways your students can be better writers.   For students in 1st grade-4th grade.  Can include fun interactive project on making a magazine or book from recycled material. 

WHEN NEWS HAPPENS: I've covered and written for young readers on some tough news topics. How to discuss the news with young readers in age-appropriate ways. 

For more details on school visits or freelance, you can email me at
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